Accounting personal statement example

Please read the following example of a personal statement for an Accounting course. I hope it will help you write an effective personal statement.

Besides serving as the cornerstones of any successful business, finance and accounting are also two of the most important building blocks of our contemporary society, and they become even more important during economic crises, like the one we are currently experiencing. Hence, I cannot see how anyone cannot become fascinated by learning more about the processes that govern capital flows and shape our world. I have grown steadily fascinated by these processes and developed an aptitude for and interest in mathematics throughout my school years, so I am confident I will be a motivated and ambitious undergraduate student in these subjects.

I have always enjoyed subjects which focus on numbers and mathematics. In addition to my studies, I also undertook maths challenges that aimed to make mathematics accessible and fun. It is this attitude to the subject that has inspired me to continue progressing to higher-level study in related subjects. My positive attitude to study also extends to other subjects, however, and I have gained valuable skills and experience from branching out into other fields. Studying Biology and Chemistry not only made good use of my mathematical skills but also encourage a logical, patient approach to problem-solving, while studying German inspired an interest in learning about other cultures and languages that will assist me in the increasingly international field of global finance.

Gaining experience within existing businesses offered an opportunity to begin to see how the principles of finance were applied in a real-world context. Through working as a customer adviser at Next, I have gained experience in working to daily targets, handling money and realising the importance of setting and adjusting financial expectations based on a variety of variables. Through occupying a customer service role I also gained the opportunity to hone communication and teamwork skills, allowing me to maintain excellent relationships with customers and colleagues. During my work experience with Edutech, I also utilised and developed these same skills, while undertaking repairs of school computers and increasing my knowledge of Information Technology and computer systems, so central to the contemporary field of finance.

Alongside my interests in accounting and finance, I have also been a heavily involved member of my academic and local communities. I believe that it is very important to help positively influence younger students at my school and within my community and I have found playing a role in helping them overcome various challenges a hugely rewarding experience. I have performed the role of Senior Prefect and School Council Member, which also involved influencing decisions on school funding, again demonstrating to me the central place that finance and accounting have in all of our lives. I have also formed Senior Volunteer and Mentoring roles with the Oriel Youth Wing. This involved maintaining and running a youth club, which taught me much about time management and organisation, and mentoring members through any problems they may be experiencing. I have performed similar mentoring and supervision roles for children from a range of age groups, through the BEIS fun club and Knowing Me Knowing You mentor scheme.

As a dedicated and ambitious student with a flair for mathematics, I believe that I have the intellectual ability and positive attitude to undertake undergraduate, and possibly postgraduate, studies in accounting and finance. More importantly, as someone with a well-developed social conscience, I will bring to my studies an awareness of the importance of these subjects in all of our lives, creating even more motivation to understand and influence these processes after graduation.