Accounting Personal Statement Example

Personal statement example for accounting is available for students to use as inspiration. Read the below example.

I am inspired and motivated by my family and by my own general aptitude for mathematical subjects to pursue a degree in accounting and to pursue a career in the field. During my summer vacations, I worked in the accounting department of my father’s company and observed the accountants at work and learned a lot from them. Upon graduation, my immediate plans are to return to my father’s business, assist him with his business, and gain experience that can be applied to my own company in the future. As China’s business environment continues to develop and expand at an unprecedented rate, I am eager to contribute to this new era of commerce. The versatility and variety of accounting appeal to me. Modern enterprises can benefit from the expertise of a well-qualified accountant in many ways, and a degree in business studies from a British university would be the best way to begin my career in this field, given the reputation of British universities and the business studies courses they offer. It is very important to my parents for me to take advantage of this opportunity to study in the UK and to expand my academic knowledge and skills.

Modern corporations, charities, governments, and individuals are eagerly seeking accountants from good universities with good degrees. The role of accountants in business planning and decision-making is becoming increasingly important, so they need good interpersonal skills in addition to academic aptitude. Complexity and analytical abilities are required for the job. In the same way that businesses rely on their lawyers, I understand that as an accountant I carry enormous responsibility. In addition to keeping up with tax and legal developments, the accountant must always be accurate and able to work under pressure. Being a member of a well-respected profession would be a great source of human satisfaction, both materially and personally. Prospects seem very promising to me.

Reading journals and following economics stories in the media has developed my interest in the business world and accountancy. Regularly updating one’s information is essential given that the situation is constantly changing. My communication skills and approachable temperament extend beyond the classroom. Both in everyday life and in my academic studies, I enjoy being part of a team. Being a team leader during my college’s summer campus taught me a lot about working with others and getting along with them. Being able to serve the needs of the elderly has always been rewarding for me as a volunteer in care homes in China. I love adventures, also I am open-minded and always ready to try new things and consider new ideas.

I have a number of languages, Chinese, fluent English and some Japanese and Korean. I believe that such skills are an immense asset in today’s increasingly international and globalised economic environment. I also have highly trained IT skills, which I know are now central to the accountancy profession. I am hard-working, reliable and mature in my attitude, and very much committed to my chosen career path. I have a number of friends with whom I would hope eventually to set up a joint venture company, after working for some time in my father’s firm. I am academically able, enthusiastic, energetic and ambitious, and very much look forward to a successful career. I can offer my total commitment to my chosen course and I hope you will consider my application.

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