Actuarial Science Personal Statement Example

Here’s an example Actuarial Science Personal Statement for you to use as a guide when writing your own.

As a result of financial institutions not accurately quantifying the risks of some of their financial products, the recent financial crisis occurred. To prevent disasters that result in major job losses and national bankruptcy, actuaries are essential to ensuring banks and other institutions correctly assess their risks. My talent for mathematics makes me a great actuary at a major financial institution, and I want to use my expertise to help prevent crises like the one we just experienced. In order to fulfil my ambition, I would like to study Actuarial Science.

Consequently, I am studying Maths and Further Maths at A Level, for which I am predicted to achieve the highest grades, as well as Chemistry and Physics. Though I only moved to the UK in 2009 from my native Malaysia, I have already achieved A grades in all of my AS Levels. My love for problem-solving has further developed since I studied Mathematics at A-Level, and I enjoy learning new theorems and producing proofs. As a result, I am looking forward to studying even more complex areas of mathematics at university, such as Complex Analysis, which may bring me even greater satisfaction.

I excelled in languages, math, and science in Malaysia, where I received an excellent intellectual foundation. In recognition of my hard work and success, I was awarded a scholarship at a prestigious UK university. It was a smooth transition from one academic environment to another, which bodes well for my future study at the university.

In addition to my studies and career preparation, I have been working on other projects. As part of my summer internship, I worked for a major Malaysian money market and foreign exchange broker. From top professionals, I learned how to price complex financial products and how they use mathematics to calibrate the interest rates of products for the benefit of each party. In addition to strengthening my ambition to become an actuary, the experience gave me a taste of the day-to-day realities of the profession which I wish to pursue. In order to gain further insight into the insurance industry, I plan to intern at a major company this summer.

Mathematics is more than just a subject I study in the classroom for me. The maths club at my school elected me president. My responsibilities include organizing a maths week, creating quizzes for students, and instilling a love of the subject in others. I have also been president of the ping pong club for the last two years. I organise the training schedules and inter-school tournaments, an experience which has greatly improved my leadership and organisational skills. On top of all this, I captain our house’s marching band, from which I have learned how to motivate people, a skill which should be of use later in my career. Given all my commitments, I have had to learn how to manage my time very efficiently. I wish to join and hopefully lead the maths and ping pong clubs at university so knowing how to juggle academic and extra-curricular commitments is very important.

In my spare time, I love to read books on economics, such as The Secret of Economic Indicators and The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb. I also enjoy fixing and selling faulty iPhones. The work calls for great patience and precision as one false move can damage the phone irreparably. These qualities should be of great use to me as an actuary.

My academic success is in part the result of the study of smart techniques I have developed. At university, I should like to organise study sessions with other students with whom I could share my techniques and from whom I could learn myself.

For, at university, I should like to help foster a mutually supportive study environment so that I shall be able to cultivate a similar atmosphere when I enter the world of work.

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