Artificial Intelligence Personal Statement Example

Use this Artificial Intelligence personal statement example for inspiration to write your UCAS application.

I believe that human civilisation has defined itself through the ability to produce equipment, tools, and machines that make our lives easier and allow us to achieve increasingly great things.

We entered the industrialized era thanks to the technological advances of mechanical engineers, who harnessed the laws of physics to create engines, machinery, and vehicles that changed the world forever.

During the twentieth century, electronics revolutionized the world, with electronic and electrical engineers inventing life-changing devices like radios, telephones, and televisions.

As technology advances, the boundaries of human endeavour are being redrawn once again by advances in computers and robotics.

Considering all these different types of engineering, I am equally passionate, and I am eager to study one or more of these specialities at university.

In my spare time, I devote a considerable amount of time to learning about the various fields of engineering. Reading books and websites related to engineering and watching technology-related documentaries are both ways I learn about engineering, but I also like to experiment with it.

Utilizing my Maxitronix 500 in 1 Electronic Project Lab Kit, I have spent hours creating electronics projects, which has greatly expanded my understanding of electronics.

Additionally, I enjoy learning about computer programming through self-study and have experimented with different programming languages.

I take a similarly practical approach to learning about mechanical engineering by spending time disassembling mechanical objects, in order to understand how their constituent parts work together and to help me understand the principles of physics that underpin them.

My school’s electronics and robotics club is close to my heart. Since designing and building a fireman robot with a team, I’ve tried to build several different types of robots. When I successfully complete an advanced-level circuit at school, I find it extremely satisfying.

My love of building robots and circuits is matched by a love of computers and their role in complex industrial processes; I dream of owning a factory that manufactures electronic components using the most advanced computers and mechanical robotic technology.

In order to achieve my dream, I see studying engineering at university as a crucial first step.

Friends describe me as an industrious individual who is a pleasure to work with because of my leadership skills, attention to detail, and enthusiasm.

Through my part-time work experience and involvement in my passions for bowling and engineering, I have acquired these skills.

My experience working as a sales assistant in a bowling pro shop provided me with a wide range of professional skills. A bakery was one of the summer jobs I held in the past.

As a result of this experience, I became familiar with the processes that are used to produce baked goods in large quantities, which are surprisingly similar to those used in automated factories.

Computers and robots can play an important role in industrial processes thanks to this experience. My school’s electronics and robotics club is also headed by me, and I am the captain of the Iranian youth national bowling team.

My experience in both positions has taught me a great deal about leadership and management.

It excites me to be studying a subject about which I am so passionate in a country with such a great university culture as the United Kingdom. A long and rewarding journey through engineering awaits me after this experience.

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