Criminology Personal Statement Example

Writing a Criminology personal statement and don’t know how to start? You can use our Criminology personal statement example as an inspiration and guide to perfect your own when applying through UCAS.

In my experience, I have always been able to tell when people are lying and find out the truth. Reading about forensic psychologists in prisons and discovering Criminology, I became convinced that my talents could be best utilized as a Forensic Psychologist within the criminal justice system.

In order to fulfill my ambition and become a prison service psychologist, I intend to study Criminology at the Masters’s level. Besides History and German, I also studied Film and Sociology at A-Level. The linguistic skills I acquired at school will be valuable when I discuss psychological issues with prisoners. Due to its proximity to Criminology, Sociology was my favourite subject. Throughout the course, I learned about societal attitudes toward criminals and punishment methods that I can apply to my degree.

Throughout my studies, I have held a variety of jobs. As a waitress at a very popular restaurant venue, I developed excellent teamwork skills and learned how to keep a level head under pressure. With three jobs and my studies, I have managed to juggle my time at London South Bank. Over the course of nearly two years, I worked at the O2 centre as a customer service representative.

Additionally, I used my German language skills as a German Market Researcher for MPeurope, conducting numerous telephone interviews with consumers each day to meet research goals. I learned how to convey complex information in a clear and confident manner, a skill that will be useful when I present and give seminars about the degree.

It has required exceptional time management and organizational skills to juggle three jobs and study. Many events at school were organized by me as a result of my teachers recognizing my organizational skills early on. As a student, I enjoyed playing competitive basketball at school, and I hope to join the university’s female basketball team.

To improve my knowledge of Criminology outside of school and the workplace, I enjoy reading books on the subject. Having read the Oxford Handbook of Criminology religiously, I became convinced that I wanted to work in prisons after reading the chapters prisons. Roger Matthews’ book Doing Time, an Introduction to the Sociology of Imprisonment, and Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish have taught me about changing attitudes toward punishment in Europe over the past three centuries.

Travelling with friends to new places and learning about new cultures is also one of my favourite things to do. I know how enriching it is to be part of a multicultural environment. On the course, I hope to befriend people of many different backgrounds and organise trips abroad with them.

For, I feel duty-bound to take advantage of every opportunity university life will offer me since I am the first member of my family to go to university and have chances that were not available to my parents. I feel ready and prepared to complete my studies and start my career as a psychologist within the prison service.

Criminology Personal Statement

A criminology personal statement is a part of your UCAS application and is sent to all of the criminology courses you are applying to. The goal is to convince the admission staff that you are the perfect candidate to study Criminology, and it should be very personal. Write about your interests, college, your apprenticeship, your motivations, and the reason you want to study Criminology at university.

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