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Events Management Personal Statement Example

Example 1

Public events and diverse work environments have always intrigued me. I aspire to become an event manager to gain valuable experience in organizing and managing events. Studying Event Management at the University of Liverpool will equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge to work in this exciting field. I am particularly interested in learning the financial, planning and management aspects involved in running successful events. Additionally, the opportunity to study English will enhance my learning and help me achieve my goal of working for an international event management company.

To complement my studies, I plan to apply my learning through an internship. This will allow me to gain practical experience and demonstrate to future employers my ability to translate theory into practice. The university’s part-time program is ideal as it will enable me to balance work and study. I understand pursuing this path will require me to move to another country, but I have demonstrated my ability to adapt to new challenges during my time as an au pair in the United States.

My experience as a 12-year handball player has developed my ability to work in a team and lead when needed. I have also worked for two years in a fast-food restaurant where I learned to work under pressure in a high-volume, customer-centred environment. I am dedicated and committed to achieving my goal of becoming an event manager.

I have a proven track record of providing leadership and managing teams across various industries. I take a creative approach to managing events and building networks which has enabled me to consistently meet and exceed targets. I am currently looking to further advance my career in a role that maximizes my progressive approach to management and continued professional development.

I hold myself to the same high standards I expect of others. I have worked hard to gain the skills and knowledge to surpass expectations in every role. I am now looking for an opportunity to continue progressing in my career, utilizing my proactive and creative approach to problem-solving to meet targets in a new professional role. I conduct myself professionally, take responsibility for my work, and am well-organised, punctual and respectful. I thrive in fast-paced work environments, enjoy challenges and competition, and have good business acumen which I leverage to achieve success in my roles. I am a motivated, hardworking and trustworthy individual looking for a career where I can continue learning and developing.

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Example 2

I have always been an extremely social and outgoing person with a natural ability to organise and lead. The idea of coordinating entertainment for large groups of people excites and inspires me, which is why I want to pursue a career as an events manager. An events management course will provide me with the knowledge and experience to succeed in this field. While living in Bath has limited my exposure to large events, it has intensified my desire to pursue an adventurous and rewarding career in events.

To gain relevant experience, I have begun organizing and hosting private and public events at local venues. With over a year of experience and a growing passion for the industry, I believe I have the motivation, skill, and work experience to excel as an events manager. My A-level studies in Media, Film and Photography have also developed my time-management, production, and presentation skills which will benefit me in this course.

Before applying for university, I took a gap year to travel and work. I currently handle marketing and advertising for a home furnishings company, collaborating with interior designers and overseeing various projects from start to finish. My role encompasses website management, promotion, advertising, budgeting, and staff management. This experience will aid my events management studies and career. My education, work experience, and active social life have provided me with a range of valuable skills to succeed in this course and career.

In addition to my studies and work, I lead an active lifestyle, regularly exercising and playing for my rugby team. I am a reliable, enthusiastic, and determined person eager to study events management. There is an increasing demand for event managers to organize diverse events. Events management spans small local events to large conferences. My interest in events began in my youth and grew during a work experience placement at a hotel. I achieved a distinction in a Level 3 Travel and Tourism course, and now want to continue my education to start a career as an events manager.

The Travel and Tourism course enhanced my understanding of the sector’s career opportunities and operations. The modules on marketing and airports were particularly insightful. My studies improved my confidence, interpersonal skills, and ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines. I am a responsible, mature, and committed student determined to succeed. Balancing my studies and sports developed strong time-management skills which will benefit my university studies. I aim to complete a degree in events management.

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