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Here are two finance personal statement examples from some of the best students in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Both examples you can use as inspiration and motivation to write your own personal statement for university

Finance Personal Statement

Ever since I discovered my passion for the finance industry at a young age, I have been determined to pursue a career as a financial consultant and advisor. It is this unwavering ambition that has led me to apply for the MSc course in Finance at the esteemed London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). I firmly believe that this course will provide me with the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve my career goals by expanding my understanding of financial products, the intricate workings of financial markets, and investment banking.

The reputation of LSE as a university of academic excellence is one of the key reasons for my decision to apply. I am aware of the university’s ability to equip students with critical analysis skills that are essential for becoming leaders in their chosen sectors. Moreover, being located in the heart of London provides unparalleled opportunities for networking and professional development in the world of business and finance. The course’s comprehensive approach, which strikes a balance between theoretical and practical modules, is also highly appealing to me.

My educational background in accounting has laid a solid foundation for my advanced studies in finance. Through my coursework in accounting, I have developed strong numerical skills and gained practical experience in management accounting and reporting roles within financial firms. It was during my studies that I discovered a particular interest in Strategic Financial Management, where I was introduced to financial products such as equities, derivatives, fixed income, and bonds, along with their significance in financial markets. Building on this knowledge, I have become a qualified accountant and have gained valuable work experience as an Associate at Deloitte, where I am part of the project management team, responsible for decision support. This role has honed my ability to work under pressure and within tight time constraints, allowing me to meet urgent and conflicting deadlines.

To stay up-to-date with the dynamic financial market, I avidly follow financial news through subscriptions to reputable media platforms such as the Financial Times, the Economist, and Bloomberg. Additionally, I engage in various hobbies such as travelling, watching movies and documentaries, and reading to broaden my knowledge and stay informed about current affairs. As a sports enthusiast, I follow tennis, football, boxing, and Formula One racing. These diverse interests have cultivated qualities such as ambition, intuition, focus, and self-discipline, which drive me to excel in any endeavour. I value the input and opinions of others, making me an effective team player, while also possessing the independence and initiative to work autonomously. I firmly believe that these qualities will contribute to my success as a finance analyst and enable me to excel academically.

Looking toward the future, I aspire to establish a reputable financial consulting firm in my home country, Nigeria. This firm would provide a range of financial services to both companies and public institutions. I recognise that achieving this goal will require years of experience, cultivating the right connections, and personal determination. Pursuing an MSc in Finance from LSE will better equip me to manage corporate, strategic, and financial opportunities, while also providing the opportunity to learn from talented professors and compete with exceptional graduates. I am convinced that this course is a crucial step toward realizing my long-term aspirations.

The increasingly evident impact of financial risk on our world has captivated my interest like never before. The interplay between the financial sector, government, and the general public dominates news stories, emphasizing the significance of understanding the industry. With my passion for finance nurtured from an early age, I have dedicated myself to attaining a comprehensive understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of global finance through high-level studies and extensive work experience in diverse industrial and international contexts.

Currently, in my fourth year of a degree in Finance, Risk, and Investment at Caledonian University, I have developed a strong foundation of knowledge in the field. Moreover, I have delved deeper into specific areas

Finance Personal Statement Example

Since my early years, extensive international travel has shaped my perspective on the world, particularly the stark economic contrasts between the ‘Third World’ and the ‘Western World.’ Having the privilege of experiencing different cultures and economies through my parents, who have lived in Africa, Europe, and the USA, I have developed a deep curiosity about the mechanisms that drive global economies. This curiosity has led me to pursue Economics at A Level, as I believe it is at the core of world discussions and can provide a comprehensive understanding of current news articles and their correlation to the subject.

Through my readings, such as Tim Harford’s ‘The Undercover Economist,’ I have come to appreciate the analogy that economics is like engineering, offering insights into how things work and the consequences of changing them. I see economics as an intricate puzzle, requiring economists to integrate economic theories with government policies to solve complex economic problems. Attending conferences at prestigious institutions like the University of Warwick and Oxbridge has broadened my perspective on economics, with theories like Freakonomics intriguing me and sparking a desire to explore the unexpected links between seemingly unrelated phenomena.

My passion for economics is complemented by a strong affinity for mathematics, which has been nurtured since my childhood. From playing mental maths games to tackling complex problem-solving at A Level, I have developed analytical abilities that were put to the test during a taster day at Cass Business School. Through quick thinking and effective teamwork, I excelled in a trading shares simulation, resulting in my group being the most profitable. Furthermore, my participation in a business management enterprise day at the University of the West of England allowed me to showcase my skills, leading to the recognition of the ‘Best Business Idea.’

To gain practical experience in the finance sector, I sought work opportunities that would provide me with invaluable insights. My time at Britannia Building Society exposed me to the inner workings of retail banking, allowing me to shadow the branch manager, work closely with financial planning advisors, and handle transactions at the tills. This experience introduced me to financial assets, including options for investing in bonds, shares, and increasing savings. Additionally, working at Harrison’s Accountancy and Insolvency Agency gave me valuable knowledge about liquidations and insolvencies of businesses, further solidifying my interest in pursuing a career in finance.

Staying updated with current financial affairs is crucial to me, and I regularly read the economy sections of reputable sources such as the BBC website and The Economist. Subscribing to a weekly update from RBS provides me with topical developments in the financial markets. Alongside my commitment to academic and professional pursuits, I have also developed essential skills through my job at O2 Retail. This experience has sharpened my interpersonal skills and honed my ability to negotiate mutually beneficial deals for both customers and the company. As a captain of my football team, I have learned the value of leadership, motivation, and maintaining high team morale, skills that have translated into success in class debates and the trading shares simulation at Cass Business School.

During a recent trip to Switzerland, I had the opportunity to meet with the assistant vice president at Credit Suisse, who shared insights into exchange rate processes within a leading investment bank. These conversations further solidified my understanding of the close relationship between economics and the finance sector.

Through a comprehensive study of Level Economics and practical experiences, I have been able to bridge the gap between theory and real-world situations. Engaging with professionals in the field has deepened my appreciation for the vital connection between economics and finance. I am confident that pursuing a university education will equip me with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the dynamic and fast-paced world of financial markets.

My passion for finance and economics was sparked by the Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy and the subsequent financial crisis when I was 21 years old. The events of that

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