Geography Personal Statement Examples

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Geography Personal Statement Examples

My deep belief in the significance of geography in today’s world drives my desire to pursue a degree in the field. Many global issues, including population growth, sustainability, environmental degradation, resource depletion, and natural disasters can be understood through a geographical lens. Furthermore, many natural disasters occur as a result of disregarding the advice of geographers, for example, constructing homes on floodplains, altering water courses, or building nuclear power plants in earthquake-prone areas. The importance of geographical knowledge and understanding for our future well-being cannot be overstated, and the subject appeals to me both for its intrinsic interest and its relevance to our daily lives.

My specific interests include geographical economics, globalisation, and the impact of technology on shrinking the world and creating multicultural societies. Additionally, geographical knowledge allows us to recognise the disparities in the human world, which may become more pronounced as resources become scarcer. With the planet being a finite resource and technology not able to solve all our problems, it is crucial for us to consider the sustainability of western consumption and the effects of climate change, as well as the aftermath of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. However, there is no subject more exhilarating than the dynamism of the Earth.

Academically, I am strong and have held various positions of responsibility at school. As a high achiever in the Geography Department, I led a field trip for younger pupils last year.  I have coached the year 8 hockey competition at my school and served as captain of the hockey team.  I had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field of construction during my work experience at a company in London. I conducted building surveys, visited job sites, and learned about the company’s computer system, giving me a glimpse of what it’s like to work in the industry. Additionally, I attended meetings with professionals and visited other companies, further expanding my understanding of the field. Prior to this, I had a placement at a retail store where I worked in a team and received customer service training. These experiences provided me with valuable insights into the job market and taught me the skills necessary to be employable. The transferable nature of many of the skills involved in geography is what drew me to the field, as it opens doors to various possible careers.

In my free time, I am an avid sports enthusiast, with a particular interest in football and hockey, and I am always committed to staying physically fit. Fishing is another hobby that I enjoy as a means of relaxation. I also love to travel and experience different cultures, having had the opportunity to visit Japan on a school trip and various parts of America, including school skiing trips. I am a beginner piano player and I am currently in grade 2. Additionally, I always strive to stay current in my field of study by following the latest developments and trends.

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Personal Statement Example for Geography

I have always been fascinated by the subject of Geography and it has been the school subject that has inspired me the most and in which I have achieved the highest grades. The subject holds great intellectual interest for me, but it also seems to be of great importance and relevance in today’s world. Sustainability is an issue that I believe is of the utmost importance and I would like to pursue a degree course that will deepen my understanding of current problems and potentially enable me to contribute to their solutions. I am interested in all aspects of Geography and am considering a career as a teacher of the subject after completing my degree. I believe that geographical and environmental knowledge is essential for any 21st-century individual, as our survival depends on it. I hope to use my training to guide others towards a responsible attitude towards the world we inhabit.

I am aware of the ways in which the environment is changing and the significance of natural disasters, as well as the human implications of poverty and the gap between MDCs and LDCs. I hope that a degree course would delve into the questions of sustainable development, environmental protection, the geopolitics of water usage, carbon management, the development of alternative fuels, recycling, climate change, and the relationship between trade, business and sustainability. The subject also delves into the field of ethics and politics. I also hope to explore how ecosystems function and how technology can be used for conservation rather than being viewed as an enemy. All of these issues are of great importance to me and have inspired me to apply for a degree in Geography.

I am passionate about geography and have had the privilege to travel extensively in Europe and America, which has given me a glimpse of the world’s geographical diversity and how it affects human habitation. I have participated in conferences on tectonic plates and urban geography, as well as in many Geography professional events at the Royal Geographical Society in London. Through my work experience, I have come to believe that teaching is a career path that I would enjoy. I have held leadership roles in my school, which have helped me develop both academically and personally. I am determined, and dedicated, and have a strong academic record. As the first in my family to consider a university course, I am hardworking, organised, and socially responsible.

In 2008, I had the opportunity to go on a trip to Iceland where I saw firsthand the effects of pollution on glaciers, and was able to visit many sites that were fascinating to a true geographer. It was an extraordinary experience to visit a terrain that was so different from what I was used to. I have also been fortunate to follow geographical topics whenever I can. I read newspaper articles on all geographical subjects eagerly, and I attended a conference on the workings of tectonic plates, and another on “Understanding Cities.”

My working experience has led me to believe that I would enjoy a teaching career. I worked briefly at a primary school in Wandsworth, carrying out a number of supervisory tasks such as guiding and organizing children’s play and work, taking part in sports day and helping with school assemblies. The job calls for patience, good time management, and the confidence to make decisions. At my own school, I hold a number of positions of responsibility, all of which have helped me to mature both as a student and as a human being. I enjoy reading and I am a runner and have raised money for charity in several races.

Human Geography Personal Statement Example

Choosing to pursue a degree in Geography was an easy decision for me, as it combines my interests in current affairs and the social sciences. I am captivated by the dynamic and ever-changing nature of geography and its ability to bring together social, environmental, and economic disciplines. My particular interest lies in social and political geographies, but I understand the importance of understanding both physical and human worlds in order to fully grasp the subject.

I have always enjoyed engaging in debates, and my involvement in debating societies since high school has helped me develop an understanding of different perspectives. One notable experience was creating a video with my peers in support of nuclear power as a sustainable energy source in relation to climate change. The video was entered into a national competition and I was fortunate enough to attend the Nuclear New Build 2016 conference in London, where my group was awarded the third prize. This experience gave me valuable insight into the cutting-edge research being done in the field of nuclear power and its importance in gaining energy security in the UK.

Fieldwork is another aspect of geography that I find particularly intriguing. I have conducted studies on the River Chew, specifically looking at how it changes downstream and the human influences on its pH levels. My study revealed that more agricultural and industrial areas resulted in a more acidic river, reinforcing my hypothesis. Additionally, my studies in economics, specifically poverty, human development, and globalization, have sparked my interest in social issues.

I have also had the opportunity to learn about other cultures through various experiences. In 2013, I spent a week on an exchange in Germany, where I worked in a local primary school, which helped me become more independent, observant, and responsible. I am also planning to trek around Greece and Albania to achieve my Explorer Belt, a prestigious award in scouting which requires careful planning, teamwork, and perseverance.

I am actively involved in the scouting movement and have taken on various leadership roles. I am a fully qualified Young scout and have gained my first Chief Scouts Award. Through this, I have participated in many activities such as classes in Astronomy, international trips, and planning and completing a two-day expedition. I strongly believe that these experiences and responsibilities have shaped me as a person and have given me the leadership qualities and determination to achieve my goals in my chosen field of study.

Personal Statement for Geography Course

Geography is a subject that has always deeply interested me, as it relates to almost everything in everyday life. Growing up in Southampton, close to the coast, I have had many opportunities to study and explore landmarks such as Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door and Old Harry Rocks. I have also been on field trips to Studland, and South Wales to study various geographical concepts such as succession in a psammosere, urban land uses, rivers, soils, deindustrialization, and urban land uses.

I have been passionate about music since a young age and have been playing the drums for over eight years. In 2001, I achieved a grade 8 standard and grade 5 music theory. In 1998, I joined the Youth Wind Orchestra (DYWO) and had the opportunity to play in the millennium concert at the Royal Albert Hall in 2000. Through DYWO, I have met many other young musicians and teachers from all over Southampton and have learned new percussion instruments such as timpani, vibraphone, and congas. I am also involved in various bands and ensembles in my school and have played at parties and functions with my own rock band.

I went on a two-week work experience with “The Band of the Royal Corps of Signals” in Blandford, where I played the percussion and had the opportunity to participate in Prince Philip’s 70th birthday celebrations at Cardiff castle. Although I have chosen not to pursue music as a career, I have gained valuable experiences and financial gain through playing in shows and teaching regularly.

I have also worked in a small village shop for a year and in the cafeteria at Monkey World, a local zoo for primates. During the summer, I was also chosen to supervise a newly built play area at Monkey World, which was a challenging but rewarding experience.

I have had the opportunity to travel to various countries such as Spain, Argentina, Poland, and Italy on family holidays. During my gap year, I plan to work to save up for more travel experiences prior to starting university.

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