ICT Personal Statement

Applying to an ICT course in the UK? Use the following ICT personal statement example as a guide and inspiration to write your personal statement.

ICT Personal Statement Example

Early in my life, I developed an interest in ICT. As a longtime computer enthusiast and self-taught programmer, I have developed considerable skill in designing new and original ways to complete difficult tasks and projects that are relevant to everyday life. During High School, my mother would block sites to prevent me from being distracted from my schoolwork, but I always found a way around her efforts. My future career lies in IT, and its application in modern business is an area of study that is full of interest and opportunities for me to utilize my natural abilities. As a business owner and a consumer, I understand how ICT has transformed business practices. For stock control, accounting, and staff records, every company needs IT Experts. It is central to banking and finance, high-tech industries, and e-commerce retailing, and offers endless opportunities for talented and well-trained software engineers. In addition to its role in the office team’s work, it allows people across the globe to work as if they were in the same room. Among the topics I am interested in are business database management, enterprise computer systems, and business communication methods. I find this type of work to be an exciting prospect, full of the appeal of being able to spend my career doing what I enjoy most, in a field, I am passionate about.

As a result of my work experience, I have had a taste of what it is like to work in the real world and be an adult. My skills allowed me to assist with web design and research for an agricultural project in India while working at an import/export firm. In a placement as an art technician, my particular interest in web graphics and animation was expressed, when I assisted the full-time technician in arranging the art room and scanning and editing documents on the computer, as well as assisting the art teacher during lessons. I have also worked as a teaching assistant in a reception class as a supervisor and support role. As a caterer, I have learned a lot about responsibility and meeting the demands of customers, and all of my work placements have helped me to gain maturity and to understand adult demands.

I am interested in many other things besides ICT. In addition to running regularly, I have completed the bronze D of E award. While living in Paris, I performed on stage several times as a singer. Photographs are also one of my favourite pastimes. As an increasingly international person, I believe my language skills are a great asset, as I speak fluent English, French and a little Arabic.

I stay up to date on advances in my profession by the following news in the media and on the internet. Above all, I like ICT because it provides me with the chance and materials to be creative and create my own ideas, and I hope that my future profession will allow me to apply my design and animation talents in a corporate setting. I am artistic and inventive, and I like to think of myself as quite open-minded, and willing to examine and explore any new concept. My attention abilities are strong; I can readily devote my mind to any work assigned to me and never lack the drive or energy to do it successfully. I like working a lot.

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