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Find below two examples of product design personal statements written by successful applicants. These samples are intended to provide inspiration and guidance for students who are applying for product design programmes at UK universities. Both product design personal statement examples demonstrate the critical elements of a strong UCAS application and can help you show your own unique qualifications, skills, experience and passion for design.

We hope that these product design personal statement examples will give you the motivation and confidence to write a compelling UCAS statement that will convince admission tutors you are the right candidate.

Product Design Personal Statement Example

As an aspiring product design enthusiast, I am deeply passionate about the impact that industrial designers have on the world we live in. From James Spangler’s invention of the first vacuum cleaner to the recent advancements in electric cars by Tesla and Toyota, I have always been fascinated by the ingenuity and problem-solving skills of these innovative individuals. The ability to create something that not only looks good but also serves a practical purpose is truly inspiring to me. One designer who particularly inspires me is Jonathan Ive. I admire his perseverance and determination to find solutions to complex challenges. His work at Apple has resulted in some of the most iconic and game-changing products of our time, such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad. His ability to combine form and function in a way that is both visually stunning and user-friendly is truly remarkable. Additionally, the rapid advancements in materials and technologies such as rapid prototyping, 3D printing, and simplifying products have further fueled my ambitions in this field. I am excited by the possibilities that these new technologies offer and can’t wait to see what kind of impact they will have on the world in the future.

My passion for engineering and product design has been shaped by my experiences in the workshop and my involvement in various projects. For example, I recently worked on designing and improving a flyover in Leeds, which required detailed research and careful consideration of various solutions. This project has helped me develop my design, CAD, and communication skills and has solidified my desire to pursue a career in the design sector. I am particularly drawn to the design process, from the initial concept and research stages to the final product development and testing. It’s a challenging and ever-evolving field, but the sense of satisfaction that comes from seeing a project through to completion is second to none.

In addition to my academic and extracurricular experiences, I have also gained valuable work experience at an architectural firm and have developed my professional skills and attributes through my part-time job at a local sweet shop. I am also an active and determined individual, who keeps fit by doing yoga and fitness training and I am preparing for a cross-fit challenge. I believe that my determination and drive will be an asset as I pursue my career in the design sector.

After completing my degree, I hope to make a meaningful impact in the field of product design and design engineering. My ultimate goal is to be the change I want to see in the world and to inspire and encourage other young women to pursue careers in this male-dominated field. I am aware that it can be difficult for women to break into this field, but I am determined to prove that we are just as capable and talented as our male counterparts. I believe that diversity in the design sector is essential, and I want to be a part of that change.

I am excited about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in the field of product design and design engineering. I am determined to make a meaningful impact in this field and to inspire others to pursue their passions, regardless of their gender. Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to your program and further develop my skills as a designer and engineer.

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Product Design Personal Statement

Designing for the future, creating for the present: that’s my passion and my purpose as I apply for the Product Design BSc course. From the moment I discovered my love for design in high school, I’ve been on a quest to master the perfect balance between form and function in my creations. My interest in design has been constantly growing since I first started Design Technology as an academic subject in secondary school, and I believe that the BSc course in Product Design will allow me to deepen my understanding and develop my skills in the field.

At the core of my passion for design is my belief that technology can solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. I’ve chosen higher-level IB subjects such as Design Technology, Physics, Business and Management to support this goal, and I’m eager to continue my education in product design to gain the technical understanding necessary to develop commercially viable products that make a real impact. I am particularly interested in the intersection of design and technology, and I am eager to explore how new technologies can be adapted to solve existing problems in the industry.

I understand the importance of being able to think critically and independently, and I’ve honed these skills through my IB studies. I’ve also had the opportunity to put my skills to the test through my Extended Essay, where I evaluated the feasibility of using cheap materials for solar water heating in underdeveloped countries. This experience, combined with my visits to the Web Summit in Lisbon and my own practical experience in a personal workshop, has only reinforced my desire to be a part of this industry.

I am also a strong leader and team player, with a calm and pragmatic approach to problem-solving. In my leisure time, I enjoy staying active through swimming, running, and advanced motor diving. I am also the captain of my school swimming team in Sydney where I live. These activities have taught me the importance of discipline, teamwork and perseverance, skills that I believe will be transferable to my studies and future career in product design.

I am confident that pursuing my passion for product design at the undergraduate level will be both fulfilling and rewarding, and I am excited for the opportunity to further my studies at your university. I look forward to the opportunity to create meaningful products that shape the future and make a real difference in the world. I will bring to the course my passion for design, my technical understanding, my practical skills and my willingness to take on challenges. I am excited to be part of the product design community and to contribute to its development. I believe that I will be able to learn a lot from the professors and the students and I am eager to work with them and exchange ideas and perspectives.

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