Radiography Personal Statement

Use this Radiography personal statement example as an inspiration to write your UCAS application in the UK, if you are applying to study Radiography course.

Radiography Personal Statement Example

In the last thirty years, the survival rate for cancer among young people has not improved significantly. Several factors contribute to this, including a failure to diagnose the disease at an early stage. This situation must be rectified by the radiographer.

I knew that I wanted to follow the family tradition and work in a medical environment to aid doctors in reducing and eliminating patients’ pain after seeing the suffering that cancer can cause during my six years as a healthcare assistant.

After studying and reading about the importance of diagnosis, I decided to become a Diagnostic Radiographer. Radiographer Consultant is my ultimate goal, working with universities to train the next generation of radiographers.

By studying Diagnostic Radiography, I hope to gain the knowledge and practical experience I need to fulfil my ambition and help catch diseases early.

The Access course in Medicine and Bio-Sciences prepares me for the scientific courses of the degree. My favourite courses are Biology and Chemistry since they provide me with an understanding of the body and its processes, which is essential to my chosen field.

I am most excited about the practical lessons because they prepare me for the clinical part of the degree, which is the part of the degree I am most looking forward to, knowing how important patient contact is from my own work. Through my studies, I have also discovered a talent for physics, which will prove useful when I take the Radiation Physics course.

Six years of working as a health care assistant in hospitals across London is a testament to my love of caring. As part of my job, I care for patients suffering from cancer to brain disorders, tending to their daily needs and keeping medical professionals informed about patients’ conditions.

My ambition to work in radiography was shaped in part by my observation of the tireless work of medical professionals. Working as part of a team under pressure has equipped me with the required organisational and teamwork skills to become a medical professional while seeing the suffering of patients close up has made me more compassionate and a stronger person, making me more determined to work on the front lines.

Even though I have a hectic schedule, I have done everything I can to prepare myself for the degree by reading relevant magazines or websites. My knowledge of current developments within the field of radiography comes from the Society of Radiographers website and the Radiography magazine.

My mother and aunt, who are both medical professionals, have also supported my career choice. Through them, I have learned about the pressures of hospital work and the personal qualities necessary to cope with them.

Through my work and the challenging transition from my native Russia to the UK, I have already developed a strength of character that I hope to use to help others. I would like to volunteer with the disabilities or counselling department to provide disadvantaged students with the necessary support to achieve their potential.

When not studying or volunteering, I hope I shall be able to mix with students from many different cultures and countries. For, I hope that university will not only provide me with the academic and practical knowledge necessary to become a radiographer working to combat disease within an NHS hospital but will also help me to develop further the personable nature required to work with and care for people from many different backgrounds.

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