Reasons to study in the UK

9 reasons to study in the UK

Not decided yet to study in the UK? Studying in the UK could be a great choice for any international student as well as for the British. If you are not yet sure why to choose our higher educational system, here are 9 reasons to study in the UK.

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Recognised teaching quality

It’s no secret that UK universities stand out as the best in the world. Many of them appear in major world rankings and awards. Among them, we can of course mention Oxford and Cambridge, which share top places on the podium in the country, but also:

  • UCL
  • King’s College London
  • LSE
  • Imperium College London

Improve your English

This is probably the first advantage that international students see in mobility in the United Kingdom – the fact of being able to speak English. 

It is a huge asset to highlight on your CV. Speaking fluent English can allow you to stand out in the job market and work in companies, multinationals or foreign organizations.

Benefit from multidisciplinary programs

In the United Kingdom, it is possible to find very multidisciplinary programs, which combine several fields and subjects. For example, students can combine Modern Art and Industrial Design, a mix of art, culture and design.

More flexible admissions

There are many possibilities in the United Kingdom. You can apply for any course you wish, even if your original course is not related to the one you are applying to. For example, you can study Political Science, and then apply for a Master’s degree in Law.

In the UK, higher education institutions are more flexible in terms of admission. Even without fulfilling all the criteria and prerequisites, it is perfectly possible to be accepted into the course of your choice. 

Live the experience of life on campus

Most UK universities are designed like those in the United States. These are campuses with all the infrastructure that students may need. On-site, there are also events, parties and evenings allowing you to integrate into student life.

The many student associations on campus allow students to practice sports and cultural or artistic activities. The campuses are therefore real places of life, promoting exchanges and personal development as well as academic and professional development.

It’s good for your CV, you can stand out in the job market

This is a great strength of the United Kingdom. The diplomas that you will obtain are of high quality and recognized throughout Europe and even in the rest of the world. The reputation of the country is well established and will directly benefit you.

Getting a degree from a prestigious university like Oxford or Cambridge is all the more valuable as these institutions are famous all over the world. In any case, a UK diploma will undoubtedly give an international dimension to your profile and allow you to distinguish yourself on the job market.

Meet students of all nationalities

UK university campuses are very international, sometimes with more than 50% of the student body coming from all over the world. 

You evolve in a multicultural, cosmopolitan and multilingual environment. You will have no trouble meeting foreign students of different nationalities, whether in class, in university residences or even within the various associations present on campus or during special events.

Experimenting with the Anglo-Saxon model

Higher education in the UK does not work quite the same way as in other educational systems. The Anglo-Saxon model asks students to be much more proactive. Each week, you will have texts and documents to read to work on the courses beforehand. Once in class, the professor expects you to be able to argue and debate with the other students on what you have read.

The teachers are also known to be much more accessible. 

Open up to a different culture 

Studying abroad is always a source of learning. This is the school of life! In particular, you will learn to manage yourself and will have to be independent to work on your lessons and organize your life on site. 

It is the guarantee of an open mind to foreign and national students, who do not necessarily share the same culture as you. In short, no matter which university you apply in the UK, the experience can only be positive.