Sociology Personal Statement Example

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Our economies and lives are becoming increasingly interconnected in a globalized business environment. For example, a deal done in the US in the morning could affect thousands of Chinese workers as they sleep. As an Iranian Jew, with a rich multicultural heritage that spreads across the globe, I am proud to consider myself an exemplar of this interconnectedness and wish to apply the knowledge I have gained from both the varied experiences of my family in the global business community and previous study to undergraduate study and, ultimately, to a successful career.

By studying Geography, Politics, and Sociology, I have also been able to discern how our societies and economies are interconnected. Politics has taught me how national legislation structures the activities of multinational corporations in turn, while Geography has taught me about how multinational corporations shape our physical and political geography. The study of sociology has taught me the importance of understanding and predicting individual behaviour for the refinement of these overarching systems. Moreover, all of these subjects have relied on extensive, transferrable study skills and research methods that apply to both the study of and practice of business.

I have also sought out work placements across a wide range of industries to gain experience in the application of business theory in the real world. As an employee at London’s House of Hanover, I developed communication, teamwork, and customer service skills, as well as gained insight into retail principles. Price and marketing strategies are influenced by management and business strategies to carve out a distinct niche within and generate profits. The experience I gained as an estate agent provided a different perspective on how these processes work in an alternative industry. With the failures of the US housing market causing the current, difficult economic situation, seeing how the housing market works was a timely example of its importance to the economy.

In my spare time, I also like to attempt to understand the complexities of international business, reading many books, such as ‘Pricing Money’ by J.Wiseman and ‘How The West Was Lost’ by D.Moyo, and magazines, such as Time and The Economist, that discuss the current problems and shifts in the global economy. As an Activities Officer at school, I honed my organisational and time management skills while also learning the importance of responsibility and leadership in business. Having played football, and tennis, and visited the gym regularly, I am aware of the importance of determination, dedication, and practice to achieve set goals, and I look forward to applying this to my undergraduate studies.

Societies are connected through businesses. I am already aware of the importance of these connections as a keen student who communicates across cultures and languages, including English, Hebrew, and Farsi. To gain a deeper understanding of how international business can positively impact our society, I intend to combine my knowledge and interests in economics, politics, society and language with further study in the field. This will provide me with an excellent opportunity to expand my understanding and make a valuable contribution during my undergraduate studies, as well as beyond.

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