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Dietetic Personal Statement

Unlocking the potential of a well-balanced diet to transform lives and promote healthier lifestyles – is my passion and my calling as a prospective dietitian. The importance of a well-balanced diet to a healthy lifestyle is something that I have always been aware of and I would like to help others achieve this by changing their dietary habits. With obesity rates on the rise, I believe that the role of dietitians will become increasingly important in addressing society’s health issues. 

My studies at Schoolcraft College in Subjects Allied to Healthcare have provided me with a solid foundation in chemistry and biology and have also given me a taste of the demands of university-level education. Additionally, I have attended various short courses on nutrition and dietetics, such as Kensington and Chelsea College’s course on Nutrition, Healthy Eating and Weight Management, which was particularly impactful as it was led by Antia Tull, whose books on nutrition have greatly influenced my understanding of the subject.

My previous work experience as a nanny has also played a significant role in my decision to pursue a career in dietetics. The close relationship that I formed with the children in my care and the role that food plays in their development made me realize the impact that a good-quality diet can have on a child’s long-term development and day-to-day behaviour. I have made it a personal mission to educate myself on nutrition and dietetics while working as a nanny to ensure that the children in my care are receiving the best possible start in life.

Furthermore, my experience as a sales assistant has taught me how to work well under pressure and as part of a team, both of which are important skills for healthcare professionals. My internship experience at Dr Andrew’s Nutrition further solidified my desire to pursue a career in dietetics. During my 6-month internship, I was able to gain hands-on experience in the field and learn about the various aspects of dietetics. It was a valuable opportunity that gave me a deeper understanding of the profession and the impact that dietitians can have on people’s lives.

My ultimate goal is to work as a pediatric dietitian, where I can combine my love of child care with my enthusiasm for nutrition and make a positive impact in the lives of children. I am excited about the possibility of achieving this goal through further education and training in the field of dietetics.

Dietetic Personal Statement Example

I am excited to apply for the dietetic course because of my long-standing interest in nutrition and my desire to work in the healthcare industry. My passion for chemistry, food science, and understanding how nutrition impacts the human body led me to pursue this career path. My biology A-level provided a foundation for my interest in the variations of dietary needs throughout the life cycle. Additionally, a week of shadowing a dietitian solidified my decision to pursue this career and exposed me to the various challenges and rewards of nutrition.

I believe that my A-level subjects in biology and chemistry will be beneficial as the programme is divided into academic and clinical components. The first year of the program focuses heavily on biochemistry, and my background in these subjects will aid in my understanding. Additionally, my math skills will be useful as the programme includes many calculations for determining specific dietary needs. While some aspects of the programme, such as behavioural sciences and professional studies, will be new to me, my work experience has given me a glimpse into these skills in practice.

Upon graduation, my goal is to work as a dietitian for the National Health Service in the UK. I consider myself to be organised, committed, and friendly, all traits that will serve me well in the field of dietetics. I am diligent in completing assignments on time and to a high standard, and I enjoy planning my days to ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. My drive to succeed is exemplified by my decision to attend a college with a more rigorous curriculum despite the added commute. Additionally, I am comfortable interacting with others in unfamiliar situations, an important skill in a career that relies heavily on communication.

In my spare time, I enjoy participating in a variety of activities that further develop my skills. I volunteer as a young guide leader for my local group, working towards a leadership qualification that will help me develop teamwork and leadership skills. Additionally, I am a member of a local gym to improve my fitness and build self-confidence, and I work part-time at a retail store, honing my customer service skills. Furthermore, I take part in my college’s enrichment programme, including IT and Queen’s Scout Award, which have provided me with qualifications in text production and developed my teamwork and leadership skills. I am eager to begin the dietetic course and contribute to the field through my dedication and passion for the subject.

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