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Games Design Personal Statement Examples

Example 1:

Video games have captured my imagination since childhood, but it was the E3 2009 event that got me interested in how they were developed. The presence of gaming giants such as Nintendo and NaughtyDog highlighted the industry’s key position and power in multimedia, and I am becoming increasingly aware that gaming has grown to become the world’s largest entertainment industry in recent years.

As I have tried to create characters and worlds, my thirst for becoming a part of this has only increased. Drawing to digital modelling and animation, I have experimented with both physical and digital platforms, and I am convinced that studying Games Design at university is the right path for me. For the sake of driving visual innovation in gaming, I would love the opportunity to combine my talent for analogue drawing with computer software, pixel art, and animation.

My inspiration and influence have come from Naughty Dog developers, notably the Uncharted series, which combines stunning graphics with a thrilling character-driven story at E3 2009. As the creator of Zelda and Super Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto has created worlds and characters that remain iconic, enduringly playable, and versatile.

The development of my own games for smaller platforms, including independents and mobile applications, has motivated me to earn my place alongside these giants. In this course, I am especially interested in the creation of worlds and characters: the design, modelling, and editing of these aspects of games are crucial to their success, and I am eager to develop my graphics and rendering skills.

As a member of the biggest gaming forums on the net such as IGN and Gamespot, I’ve gained a good understanding of genres, visuals, and gameplay tools. During Portugal’s most exclusive gaming event in 2011, I had the opportunity to interview Uncharted 3’s creators about the game’s development. As I learned about the work and lives of the developers of my favourite franchise, I was inspired to follow my passion as they had, through constant gameplay, study, and dedication.

Arts and Multimedia, History of Art and Drawing, and IELTS 7.5 are all subjects in which I have achieved high grades at school. Multimedia class assignments involve managing a Tourism blog and acting as a designer, writer, and photographer, and I have also created a blog to showcase my portfolio and latest design work, a project I am very proud of. Throughout my studies, I have undertaken work placements at Anipop and IberAnime, allowing me to develop my ability to communicate as part of a team and solve problems.

In addition, I freelanced as a graphic designer for a web-based store, designing and developing banners and logos. During my school years, I was responsible for leading a class project of a painted mural, including choosing colours and lettering and organizing other students. The mural appeared on national TV, which gave me a unique sense of accomplishment. Later on, I organized the school LAN party: bringing my passion for games to others was a real motivator for me. As part of the TV network’s school communication department, I am also one of two managers.

In addition to being part of an international gamers’ community online, I’ve always considered myself a citizen of the world. The desire to bring my creations to life inspires me to complete my training in the UK and pursue a career in the most exciting industry on the planet.

Example 2:

As a child, I was always drawn to the creative and immersive worlds of video games. From the thrilling action of Super Mario to the intricate storytelling of The Legend of Zelda, I was constantly captivated by the endless possibilities of this medium. As I grew older, my love for games only deepened, and I became more and more interested in the design and development process behind them. This led me to pursue a degree in Games Design, which I am now eager to study at a higher level.

Throughout my time in secondary school, I took every opportunity to learn more about game design and development. I taught myself basic programming languages such as C++ and Java, and I even built my own simple games using software like GameMaker. As I gained more skills and knowledge, I began to participate in local game jams and hackathons, where I was able to collaborate with other like-minded individuals and bring my own game ideas to life.

In addition to my passion for games, I have also always had a strong creative streak. I have enjoyed drawing, writing, and storytelling for as long as I can remember, and I believe that these skills will be invaluable in my future career in Games Design. I am confident that my combination of technical expertise and creative flair will make me an asset to any game development team.

I am excited to apply for a degree in Games Design because I believe it will give me the opportunity to learn from industry professionals and develop my skills to the highest level. I am confident that with hard work and determination, I will be able to turn my passion for games into a successful career. I am grateful for the opportunity to study at your esteemed institution, and I hope to be able to contribute to the thriving games industry in the future.

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