Art and Design personal statement example for university

Design and Art Personal Statement Example

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Design and Art Personal Statement Example

Multimedia, graphics and design have become increasingly essential disciplines in our society. Their impact can be observed everywhere, from small businesses to large international corporations, and has even affected modern families and individuals. The current global economic turmoil has made being able to stand out from the crowd an absolute imperative. For companies to survive and prosper they need to employ modern communication techniques, such as social media and innovative forms of advertising, and embrace design that breaks the mould. More than ever, these fields have the potential to play a crucial part in helping to kick start economic growth. I intend to be at the forefront of these creative efforts.  

I am inspired by bold, cutting-edge designs. For example, I recently visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona, where I had the opportunity to experience the newly-built Skywalk. I was amazed how, through a combination of excellent design and great imagination, the creators of the Skywalk managed to create the effect of hovering over the top of the Canyon, as though in a helicopter.

Through design expertise, the impossible can become possible, and for this reason I am motivated to follow a career in design. I am also inspired by graphic designers such as Stefan Sagmeister. I admire the way in which his work continually breaks boundaries. I was astounded, for example, with his piece ‘Self Confidence Produces Fine Results’, made out of a wall of bananas. The ambitious scale of the work is breath-taking, and its impermanence due to it being made from fresh produce makes it all the more remarkable and daring.

I have been interested in design and technology from a very young age, and have fully immersed myself in all opportunities to be involved in these areas whilst at school. At GCSE I designed and made a garden bench made from Iroko, a sustainable wood. I chose this material because I am keen to incorporate the ideal of sustainability into my work. More recently I have been designing a kitchen island unit, again much with recycling and sustainability in mind. I have also been involved with design a wheelchair with the ability to climb curbs without electric or other assistance. This has proved to be a very challenging task, but it is something that I hope to persevere with in the future because it remains an ambition of mine to put design to use to make life easier for people with disabilities.

In my spare time and during the school holidays I have been studying graphics, which has complimented my design studies. I have also furthered my design skills under my own initiative through being involved in two different work placements. One of these placements was with a graphics and marketing company, where I learnt more about the growing importance of web-focused design, such as the increasing demand for smartphone apps. In my second placement I worked at a bespoke kitchen company. This experience allowed me to appreciate the different phases involved in a design project, from the planning and the development stage all the way to manufacture and finally fitting, all of which had to be carried out within a fixed budget. Both placements showed me how important it is to work closely with the customer to meet and even surpass their expectations.

As well as playing rugby, cricket and tennis for my school’s teams I also have a passion for squash, and I am the school squash captain. In addition, I have completed my Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award. My involvement in all these pursuits has helped improve my ability to work as part of a team. I am also a house prefect, and recently helped to produce and organise the Year Nine house drama competition, a responsibility which I enjoyed because it allowed me to work in a creative setting whilst holding a position of responsibility.

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